Nikki Crumpton

Nikki is the Regional Planning Director EMEA, and Head of McCann Pioneers at McCann Worldgroup. After studying Geography at Oxford Nikki started her career in planning at BMPDDB, where she learnt her craft on the MLC, PG tips and the COI.

She moved to Fallon in 1998 where she made it to partner and then decided to move to McCann in 2006, to help build the behemothic brand into a more domestically relevant offering.

Innovating and structural change are Nikki’s passion and they had their birth at Mccann London, where she turned the agency around alongside her partner Chris Macdonald. They took the agency from a domestic out post of a big global network to top of the new business league, and agency of the year in two years, in the notoriously tough London market.

Nikki also got bitten by the issue of sustainability and big business during this time, as a result of winning and working with B&Q.

A chance invitation to the Worlds Toughest Brief (how to make sustainability sexy for the millions), led to her meeting Jamie Burdett. One year later she attended the Do Lectures and met some of the most inspiring people whose generosity and mentorship forced her into action rather than thought. She got back in touch with Jamie and they started to cook up what would happen if they bought the worlds of global communications, global brands and globally scaled behaviour change together and Pioneers was born.
After being given the green light to form an intrapreneurial unit at the beginning of 2013, Jamie and Nikki have started working on some incredible projects with big global brands that are all based in scalable behaviour change.

They have since grown the concept of Pioneers and it now embraces anthropological and ethnographic research, connected health, UX and tech futures as a way of prototyping both product and business models.
There are two big reasons why Nikki has decided to pursue this journey. One is called Mina (aged 12) the other is Maggie (aged 8). She hopes that if she stays open, keeps listening and learning, and allowing really smart people to influence her world view, she might just be able to change the world a little bit for the better for her two reasons, and for others.

Nikki has just started writing a blog called ‘the Reluctant Career Woman’. She is a bad surfer but bakes really good cupcakes.