Geoff Warburton

Psychologist, writer and innovator, Geoff Warburton has spent the last 25 years studying love and loss.

Geoff has developed a therapy approach that puts love at its centre. His extensive research was incorporated into his psychotherapy Doctorate about love – the first Doctorate of its kind. He advocates the radical view that we are all complete as we are and, by definition, that the resolution of suffering and loss comes from this realisation.

Geoff challenges conventional apathy about grief and loss by offering an approach that evokes curiosity, openness and compassion. His approach synthesises Eastern wisdom traditions, in-depth psychology and common sense. The emphasis of his message is towards thriving after loss – and not merely surviving. He presents a perspective that challenges Western thought by saying there is no ‘right’ way to grieve and advocating that grief can be ‘the ride of your life’. Working from both his personal and professional experiences of bereavement, he goes so far as to say that loss through bereavement can become an adventure to be had, rather than a problem to be solved.

Geoff was a co-creator of the award-winning London Lighthouse, the UK’s first residential and support centre for people facing the challenge of HIV and AIDS. He followed that by heading up the Psychological Services for the Terrence Higgins Trust, and then created a therapy and support service in south London for people bereaved through murder from gun and knife crime.

Geoff has also addressed the psychological needs of the ageing gay, lesbian and transgendered population, by co-founding the UK social enterprise, Prime.

Geoff says that there are two sure-fire ways of getting quiet time at parties. The first is to tell people that you are a psychotherapist. The second is to tell them that your specialised interests are love and loss.

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