Fox Fisher

Artist, trans activist, gender documenter, Fox Fisher is co-founder of My Genderation documentary films.

Since taking part in My Transsexual Summer 2011, which coincided with the beginning of his medical transition, Fox’s life has changed dramatically. He and his film-making partner Lewis, are both presenters of Transgender UK (Ch4), a 45 minute show featuring 11 of their short films, part of 25 Patchwork films commissioned by All About Trans. Fox campaigns for transgender rights and the freedom to express your gender without prejudice, working closely with All About Trans to hold media interactions with The Observer, The BBC, The Daily Mail, The Sun. He is also proud co-chair of Trans Pride Brighton, and patron of Gendered Intelligence. Fox talks at schools, universities, pride & film events, and recently, at the Tate Modern as part of Transpose, where he screen printed on the flesh of a friend, in front of a Salvidor Dali painting. It was very surreal.

“The entire My Genderation journey has been magical. My creative partner Lewis Hancox and I are in such a unique position of trust and empathy, having been on either side of the camera, and being gender variant ourselves. After less than two years of creating content, we are contacted daily by people who have been touched by our films, or would like to contribute themselves. We present people accurately, authentically, and with the greatest respect. For this, we are rewarded with intimate insights on epic journeys of discovery. It’s been so easy to birth and nurture this project, right the start, when I won the exact amount of money to pay for the equipment.”

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