CiCi Blumstein

CiCi Blumstein is an installation & performance artist, choreographer, artist film-maker and frog collaborator. Born in Germany, she has been based in the UK since 1989. Her work seeks to instigate a re-coding of urban and wild space through direct interaction and construction, creating new, often startling experiences and connections between people and their environment, and with each other. She develops her ideas and long-term projects from diverse sources and interests, such as urban planning, biodiversity & habitat research, ecology, architecture, design and engineering, object theatre & puppetry, visual, sound and movement arts.

CiCi’s work has been commissioned for many different settings, from large-scale sculptural installations in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, to performances, workshops and screenings in village halls and town squares, in derelict factories and on urban waste ground, as well as for schools, libraries and universities. She is the co-founder & director of arts practice Involuntary Park [2010 – present], and was a core steering group member of Movement 12 independent international dance artists & curators [2009 – 2012]. For a selection of clients, commissioners, venues and organisations CiCi has worked with, see here.

Since June 2013, she has been the artist-innovator in residence at the FuseBox in New England House, where she is co-designing, developing and delivering FuseBox24 – a program of radical start-up business support – building a unique innovation model and supporting & challenging the creative start-ups who are taking part in the program.

And CiCi loves frogs! She collaborates with urban amphibians, developing city & business spaces as living bio habitats. Her latest project Croaking Drain, Hidden Frog is at Brighton Digital Festival throughout September 2014 – find out more here.

@ciciblumstein ciciblumstein.wordpress.com