Cat Carter CBE

Cat Carter has worked for Save the Children for the last six years. She is currently the Head of the Humanitarian Information & Communications Unit, based in London. Her job takes her around the world, making sure the world knows about emergencies, and the children and families caught up in them. Cat reports on all sorts of crises, from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, to man-made catastrophes such as war and famine – interviewing, writing, photographing, bearing witness and responding on the ground to humanitarian needs. As part of her role, Cat has spent the last two years travelling to the Syria region to interview Syrian children and families and document their experiences. Key themes emerging from these interviews are the use of explosive weapons in populated civilian areas, the targeting of children, and the extensive use of torture. She has also travelled to and covered natural disasters in Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and conflict/refugee crises in Jordan, Lebanon and Somalia. Most recently Cat was one of the first on the ground after typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, spent the earlier part of this year in war-torn South Sudan, and has just returned from Gaza.