Andy Torbet

Andy Torbet spent 10 years in the British Forces as a Diver, Paratrooper and Bomb Disposal Officer.  During his time he commanded the Army’s Underwater and Airborne Bomb Disposal Teams as well as the High Risk Search Team of the Maritime Counter Terrorism Unit and deployed on operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

 He’s a mountaineer, kayaker and accomplished skydiver including performing a High Altitude High Opening jump from 28,000 feet in the name of science.

But diving is what he does best. He began diving at 12 in Aberdeen and his high level of skill and experience in deep, technical and cave diving has taken him all over the globe. Using everything from the latest technology in mixed gases and rebreather to old fashioned SCUBA he has mapped new submerged cave systems, discovered a number of lost shipwrecks from WW2 merchant-mans in the cold, dark water of the English Channel to 18th Century warships off uninhabited islands in Southern Patagonia.  He is currently working on projects to explore the world’s largest underground lake and record new species on deep, cold water reefs. There is no environment more hostile and inhospitable to human life on Earth than underwater and only a few elite divers in the world can operate in the huge cave systems and extreme depth Andy explores.

Andy is driven to undertakes projects for more than just simple self-fulfilment. With a background in zoology and archaeology, as well as being a member of MENSA, he always tries to ensure there is a worthwhile scientific, historical or social output.  He also understand communication with a wider audience is key and as BBC and Discovery TV Presenter, published author, experienced public speaker and writer of over 70 articles for various newspapers and magazines he has the ability to engage people about the projects.

 But he is an explorer at heart and the darkness of the undiscovered, submerged world forever beckons.