Alan Pearce

Alan Pearce is a journalist, broadcaster and author specialising in the Deep Web. He is a regular speaker at events, and teaches cyber-security and counter-surveillance to journalists. 

He is the author of “Deep Web for Journalists: Comms, Counter-Surveillance, Search” and has written a number of other books including “Dunkirk Spirit”, “The Google Questions” and the best-selling “Playing It Safe”. 

With over 30 years’ experience in journalism, Alan has written for “Time” magazine, “The Sunday Times”, The “Sunday Telegraph” and others, in addition to Sky News and various BBC outlets. He has produced television documentaries and features and was the producer of TV-am’s “Roland Rat show”. 

He has covered conflicts from the Khmer Rouge to the Taliban and was injured covering the fall of Kabul in 1996 while working as the BBC’s Afghanistan Correspondent. 

While recovering, he began to explore the evolving World Wide Web and has worked on Internet-based projects ever since.