TEDxBrighton 2018 | An interview with Neil Laughton

A few weeks ahead of the big day, we caught-up with Neil to find out a bit more about his talk and discuss some of the other exciting speakers we have at TEDxBrighton this year.

Tell us a little bit about what you’ll be speaking about at TEDxBrighton this year?
Having spent a lifetime (over 35 years) undertaking exciting expeditions around the world, I will be sharing my five top tips for successful adventurous journeys. In particular, I’m encouraging people to travel responsibly in order to look after our planet but I’m also using this public platform to ask forgiveness for a number of horrible mistakes that have gone against this advice!
Why do you think it’s important for people to hear about this?
A lot of people would like to be more adventurous but are afraid and so if I can encourage them whilst providing helpful advice on how to go about it, maybe this will encourage more people to get out there, responsibly.
Looking at the speaker line-up, who else are you interested in hearing talk this year?
What an interesting line up of speakers! I look forward to hearing all of them but especially Alex Ntung, Rod Downie and Holly Budge.
Why do you think Brighton has proven to be such a welcoming and receptive audience for stories like yours?
I’ll let you know if that’s true at 5pm on 26th October but yes, Brighton has such an open, engaging and eclectic population so I’m sure all those lucky enough to get tickets will be welcoming and receptive.
Finally, what’s the one change you’d like to see in the lives of our audience this year, following your talk?
That everyone will commit to planning their own exciting journey and adventure following my talk.