Introducing our 2018 host | Sanderson Jones

With less than a week to go until TEDxBrighton 2018, we caught-up with this year’s host and one of our 2017 speakers, Sanderson Jones, to find out a bit more about why he’ll be taking the stage this year; albeit in a very different capacity. 

How are you feeling about it hosting TEDxBrighton 2018? 

Great. Can’t wait. I love Brighton, I love listening to TED talks, I love getting people energised. What’s not to love?

You did a brilliant talk last year sharing your story of Sunday Assembly and the idea of Lifefulness, can you tell us a little bit about your experience on the day? 

I do a lot of public speaking but there was something particularly nerve-wracking about this. I wanted to NAIL IT. So it meant lots of rehearsing, last minute changes, slide edits, more rehearsing. Then I did it. It goes past in a flash, and I was spat out the other side after multiple extended standing ovations (that last part might be a lie). 

TEDxBrighton is one of the biggest TEDx events in the UK, what do you think it is about Brighton that means 1,400 come to The Dome each year to hear these stories? 

That you’re really good at marketing. OK. Not only that. It means that your team do a great job of finding speakers, curating the line up and building the community. It’s a testament to the strength of your organisers. Also, Brightonians are bang up for this sh*t.

This year’s theme is Journeys and Adventures. What journeys or adventures have you been on since the last TEDxBrighton 2017? 

Well, because this is being printed in late October I can say that my wife is pregnant, which is the start of a new adventure. Actually, the TEDxBrighton talk was the start of new adventures for me. A bunch of people got in touch with me after hearing my talk, about taking the idea of Lifefulness and using it in their organisations. So, thanks TEDxBrighton, I (and my future child) are very grateful for that.