Sarah Giblin

Sarah Giblin
Sarah is the founder of Riut and the inventor behind RiutBag. Sarah had a simple idea: all urban backpacks are the wrong way round because the person behind you can access your things better than you. Conventional backpacks increase stress and reduce quality of life on the commute and on holiday. In less than 12 months after leaving her job with her sketches, her solution – the RiutBag , pronounced “riot bag” – was being used around the world.

Sarah approached her success simply as a backpack user. Crowd-funded the idea online so it was able to exist. RiutBag users give feedback and this user thinking powers new RiutBag designs. Sarah calls this process Revolution in user thinking, or “Riut”.

At TEDxBrighton, Sarah will share her story of crowdsourcing the requirements, design and funding of a brand new approach, to everyday item. Sarah’s vision of the future and how user centric design should be at the heart of how products are made, is a truly inspiring and unmissable idea worth spreading.

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