Camille Baker

Camille is an artist-performer/researcher/ curator within various art forms: participatory performance and interactive art, mobile media art, tech fashion/soft circuits/DIY electronics, responsive interfaces and environments, and new media curating. Her other research interests include: video art, live cinema, experience design, media art installation, telematics, networked communities, web animation, and music composition and performance.

Camille has a fascination with all things emotional, embodied, felt, sensed, the visceral, physical, relational, and participatory projects, that involve video, communication devices and biofeedback. She has been on a continuous quest to work with new and emerging technologies to explore expressive methods, via art and performance, to connect people with each other, over distance better and in more embodied, emotional ways.

Her background includes: music composition and performance; new media installation; online video and animation; media art instruction; Executive Director/Curator of The Escape Artists Society in Vancouver, Canada; Lead Curator, Conference Director and Co-Performance Art Curator for The New Forms Festival in Vancouver; documentary production; editor-in-chief of an online pop-culture relationship support magazine – Tales of Slacker Bonding (2000-2003); web design /development; visual arts curating; sculpture and modern dance performance.