Wall Of Ideas

What is the Wall Of Ideas?

Great question. Thanks for asking. Why are you curious? And what can we do to help create a community that really supports this kind of curiosity into how things work and why?

This is the question that drives us.

The Wall Of Ideas is what happened when a few of us in ChangeTheFuture got curious about democracy; About how shaping communities could be much more fun & effective; About having a voice in 2015, and working together to change things through real cooperation, in our schools, organizations, cities & beyond.

It’s ever-evolving. People are excited and full of ideas about ways the wall could be simpler or more effective and I immediately hand them a Proposal (white card). I fill in the “Who is this to” section with “ChangeTheFuture”, and encourage them to put their idea on this, and stick it on the wall; to be added to and developed by everyone else, and ultimately voted on, like every well implemented idea..

Apart from proposals to improve ChangeTheFuture/Wall Of Ideas, everything on this huge 40ft interactive arts installation at the moment  is about how we could make Brighton better.

Everyone in the world is invited to Add Comments anywhere in this document

So that’s the Wall Of Ideas.

It’s a paper prototype for our ambitious open source web platform for cooperative changemaking, which we hope to release to the world in late 2015, one community at a time.

On the Challenge we put up “What might we do with the Wall Of Ideas after this?” one very exciting man put a Catalyst on the Proposal “Do it again!” which read “Come and semi-permanently install this at Coachwerks in Hollingdean!”. Which I for one (Luke Flegg) think I will support us doing in our next meeting (do join us for that, via online video call)

Currently (Jan 2015) the Wall Of Ideas is being hosted by Onca Gallery in central Brighton.