One Week To Go… it’s Spotify Playlist Time!

Wowzers. TEDxBrighton 2014 is almost upon us, just one beautiful, hectic week to go, before we’re all on-site and rocking it in a Many Hands kinda fashion…

Speakers busy rehearsing, producers running around putting final touches to the event logistics. I can’t wait; I’ll be live-blogging the event, including every talk, from somewhere down in the mosh pit. I’ve been gradually learning more about the speakers and what they’re planning to share – which just makes it more exciting and real, in the run-up, plus knowing you’re in for a total treat.

So anyway, I just finished this TEDxBrighton Spotify playlist. I think the system lets you add tracks, if so, please feel free if you know any music that works with the theme. Enjoy.